Johnny T has emerged as one of the most dynamic, creative, and exciting artists to hit the Nashville country music scene in a long time. The combination of incredible stage presence and vocal abilities from lead singer John Teschko, combined with virtuoso-like musicianship and 3 part harmonies, results in an impressive and extremely edgy sound. One thing that stands out about Johnny T is a no-fear attitude behind his rocking lyrics. Whether it’s about being a bad boy in “Outlaws,” or loving a woman’s sexy antics in “When She Drinks” and “Everything About You” to showing off his "Country Style", Johnny T isn’t afraid to speak his mind through his lyrics.

Johnny T began his career in 2006, performing in front of a packed house at the French Quarter in Nashville. Johnny T preformed a college tour of 60+ shows across the southeastern US and is currently playing night after night to packed-out clubs across the Southeast and Midwest.

Johnny T’s current album, Everything About You, is available for download on iTunes and Amazon and available for streaming on Spotify and Pandora. The much-anticipated second EP release includes five new tunes featuring a bonus track and crowd favorite, “When She Drinks.” The EP was released in June 2012. While writing for this album, Johnny T found himself crossing over into several genres and is already witnessing this album’s appeal to diversified audiences.

The current video for the title track “Everything About You” is featured on, CMT Pure, and TCN (The Country Network), as well as Y’allwire.

When it came time to record the new EP, Johnny had a sound in mind that felt different from his first release. “This EP is big, bold and fearless,” he says. “There’s a live show element to it. It’s raw and road tested.”